Jihad Watch:

Allah says he will strike terror in the unbelievers (Qur’an 3:151), and tells Muslims to do the same thing (Qur’an 8:60). The Islamic State is obeying this call.

“Christmas Threat Against Times Square in New ISIS Santa Poster,” by Bridget Johnson, PJ Media, November 27, 2017:

An ISIS supporter released on the group’s social media haunts a poster of Santa Claus overlooking Times Square with a case of dynamite at his side.

In the image, the New York streets are filled with pedestrians at nighttime and Santa carries a bulky red sack.

“We meet at Christmas in New York… soon,” reads the text on the image.

It follows propaganda posters making holiday threats toward Europe, with a hand holding a bloody knife before a market in the neighborhood of the Eiffel Tower and a black-clad jihadist standing over Santa on London’s Regent Street.

The threat also comes as the ISIS-supporting Wafa’ Media Foundation has released numerous threats against the holiday and against the Vatican. In a message to fellow jihadists last week, the group noted that “the crusaders’ feast is approaching.”

In another instance, Wafa’ circulated a poster depicting a vehicle moving toward the Vatican with a cache of weapons, vowing “Christmas blood.”…

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