ISIS threatens Pope Francis: “We will have our vengeance”

ISIS released propaganda videos threatening Pope Francis and claiming they would “arrive in Rome”.

Excerpt from The Daily Caller:

Vatican officials warned Saturday that a pro-ISIS jihadist video and text messages threatened Pope Francis and marked Italy as the Islamic State’s next target.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, secretary of state and second highest official of the Holy See, said that the latest video clearly marked Francis as a target, according to The Associated Press. The video depicted jihadists destroying various Catholic icons, a man ripping a poster of Francis in half, and a terrorist saying “We will have our vengeance …We will arrive in Rome,” according to Crux Now.

Parolin said that while the Vatican already has strong security measures in place, the video was nonetheless troubling.

“Obviously, one cannot help but worry, above all for the senseless hatred that it is,” Parolin said.

Jihadists filmed the video ‘The Islamic State – Inside the Caliphate” in the Philippines and used the ISIS-affiliated company al-Hayat to distribute it.

ISIS agents sent used various venues to encourage attacks in Italy days before the video threatening Francis was released. They sent a message via the app Telegram to lone-wolf terrorists indicating Italy as their next target. Jihadists also circulated a picture of a man with a knife behind his back, facing Italy, with the text “Devi combatterli,” which means “you must fight them.”

“The channel urged lone wolves to hit specific targets, after having explicitly threatened Italy a few days ago, to attack with vehicles there as well as in Belgium and Denmark,” reported Site Intelligence Group, which reports online extremist activity.

I hope this is a wake-up call to a Pope who has done little to help the 90,000 Christians who are killed every year because of their faith. I have been very critical of Pope Francis constant barrage of American Libertarians and Donald Trump. Pope Francis does everything he can to attack the Pro-Americana movement in America today and yet does little to attack the people who are killing Christians worldwide. Sure, he denounces ISIS but he fails to take aim at the governments that are supporting the persecution of Christians.

It is time for Pope Francis to attack the people responsible for the killing of Christians and not the people trying to protect them.

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