Is The Deep State Covering Up Foreign Interference Into The 2020 Election?

The Office of the DNI announced that they are not going to meet the deadline set by Congress for their report on foreign interference in the 2020 election.

Isn’t that interesting…

So, what does this mean?

Jack Posobiec gave us more information on this:

Here is his initial report(before the announcement by the DNI):

So, to give a short synopsis of his report:

Posobiec is saying that some members of the intelligence community are trying to downplay China’s influence in the 2020 election.

DNI Cheif John Ratcliffe is fighting for the truth to come out.

Posobiec followed up his reporting:

Remember DNI Ratcliffe told CBS News Senior Correspondent Catherine Herridge that China, Iran, and Russia interfered in some way in this election.

Do you think this is a Deep State cover-up?


Breitbart expanded more:

Good to see Ratcliffe stepping up and addressing the China issue inside the IC. This appears to be a textbook case of intelligence being politicized by a handful of careerists in the bowels of the CIA. They don’t want to give Trump the talking points that China was engaged in election influence operations, but we all know they were.

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