Is Mitch McConnell Planning To Not Finish Out His Full Term?

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Reports have surfaced outlining the moves McConnell is making behind the scenes regarding how his replacement would be chosen if he did not serve out his full term.

From The Intercept:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has compiled a short list of successors in his home state of Kentucky, preparing for the possibility that he does not serve out his full term, Kentucky Republicans tell The Intercept.

The list is topped by his protégé, state Attorney General Daniel Cameron, and also includes former United Nations Ambassador Kelly Craft, whose billionaire coal magnate husband is a major McConnell donor, as well as Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, a former McConnell Scholar.

Under current law, the power to appoint McConnell’s replacement falls to Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear. But new legislation McConnell is pushing in the Kentucky General Assembly would strip the governor of that power and put it into the hands of the state GOP

McConnell’s scramble to secure his legacy comes as his position in the party he effectively built from the ground up is increasingly shaky. McConnell’s denunciation of former President Donald Trump — even as it was accompanied by a vote of acquittal and a pledge to endorse the former president in 2024 if he is the GOP nominee — has brought on calls for his censure by party leaders across the state. A candidate running in McConnell’s mold would face an uphill climb through a primary in the new Republican Party — unless, that is, the candidate has the benefit of incumbency.

Mitch McConnell is 79 years old which is why this may become a concern.

According to some state elected officials, this change has been considered for some time now.

We don’t have enough evidence-based on this to really understand whether this has to do with McConnell’s health or if it is just something Republicans have wanted and can finally get.

Why does this matter?

If something happened to McConnell the Dem Kentucky Governor would at this time appoint anyone he wanted. It would likely end up being a Democrat. This rule should be changed. It makes no sense that the Governor can appoint anyone. It should be someone from the same party filling that seat.

I also want to look at another portion of this report. That is the securing of McConnell’s legacy. It wouldn’t shock me if McConnell wants this passed so he can continue to have control over the GOP. If he decides to step down he will have a say over who is appointed. This is much different than McConnell serving his term fully and retiring which would lead to a primary on the Republican side.

Key Takeaways:

-McConnell is pushing to give the GOP control over who would fill his seat if he stepped down early

-McConnell may be using this to keep control of his senate seat even after he would stepdown


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