“Impeachment Round 3”–Jim Jordan Responds To Being Selected For Jan 6th Committee

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GOP House Leader  Kevin McCarthy officially has announced what GOP Reps would serve on the Jan 6th committee.

Sadly, two RINOs are among those selected.

McCarthy Announces GOP Reps For Jan 6th Committee–Two Are RINOs

At least Jim Jordan is on it.

He released this video after being picked which exposes the Dems’ hypocrisy on objecting to electors:

Click to watch the full video

Then he did this interview where he called it “impeachment round 3.”

A few things that stick out from the interview:

-Jim Jordan pointed out this is another anti-Trump witch-hunt

-Jim Jordan said he plans on exposing the hypocrisy of Dems

-They discussed the double standard of justice between left-wing and right-wing rioters

Pay attention to this committee.

The GOP must use it to expose what really happened on Jan 6th.

The biggest question is that it is time to find out about the FBI’s involvement:

WOW: Tucker Confirms That FBI Informants Involved In Jan 6th–NSA Is Spying On Him

Why Was FBI Director Wray Absent From Cabinet Phone Calls In Run-Up To Jan 6th?

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