According to a new study from the Financial website 24/7 Wall Street Ilhan Omar’s district is the worst in the country for Black Americans.

The Blaze:

The district that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) represents in Congress — Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District — is the worst congressional district in the nation for black people, a new study revealed last week.

More details on the study

Financial website 24/7 Wall Street released the details of its study last week that sought to measure “socioeconomic disparities between black and white Americans by congressional districts to identify the worst congressional districts for black Americans.”

Researchers studied several key metrics using data from the U.S. Census Bureau: cost of living-adjusted median household income, unemployment and poverty rates, educational attainment, and homeownership rates.

The data showed that Omar’s district has the greatest socioeconomic disparities between black and white Americans of any congressional district in the U.S.

“Black area residents are about four times more likely to live below the poverty line than white residents and three times more likely to be unemployed. Disparate outcomes along racial lines in the district are largely the legacy of historic racism,” the study said. “Minneapolis is one of several Midwestern cities that enacted restrictive housing covenants and exclusionary zoning policies in the early 20th century. These policies impact residential patterns to this day.”

I really hope President Trump sends out a Tweet regarding this study. Why is Ilhan Omar worrying about anything but making life better for these people. Why is she not welcoming ICE raids like the ones we saw in Mississippi that allowed for black Americans to gain jobs.

Most applicants after Koch Foods raid were black

25 of the 30 worst congressional districts for black Americans are run by Democrats.

Ironically, each of the five worst districts for black Americans are represented by Democrats. In fact, Democrats represent 25 of the worst 30 congressional districts for black Americans, the study found.

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