CNN reported that according to Customs and Border Protection, numbers of illegal Southwest Border crossings has dropped 40% since last month. The number dropped from 31,578 in January to 18,762 in February. Usually, during this time period, we see an increase of 10-20% rather than the 40% drop witnessed this year. John Sandweg (Obamas Custom and Immigration Enforcement Chief had this to say.

“It may be premature to point to the rhetoric as the cause of the numbers dropping,” Sandweg told CNN. However, “it’s true that deterrence is a piece of the puzzle, and if there’s a perception that people will be returned, there may be a decrease in flow.”

Sandweg’s quote is a strong one. He obviously would never come out and give Trump credit but he does slide in credit at the end of his quote. He talks about how Trump’s rhetoric undoubtedly has some effect on this improvement in Immigration policy.

Even if the article tries to downplay just how much of an impact Trump has had on immigration it uses statistics that blatantly show us just how good Trump has been on cracking down on immigration. Although Trump hasn’t changed many immigration laws he has struck fear in those who are illegally wanting to come into this country. For the people who just want to live out the America dream it is certainly sad but they must find a way to get here legally. Luckily, it also is keeping out the bad people and drug runners coming into this country. There is no doubt that people who have bad intentions in mind are becoming more and more scared to cross our borders and that is because of our President Donald J. Trump.

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