HUGE: Facebook Whistleblowers Leak Docs Detailing Effort To Secretly Censor Vaccine Concerns On Global Scale

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    Project Veritas just dropped another bombshell.

    Project Veritas released a video exposing Facebook’s censoring of vaccine concerns.

    They got internal documents from two Facebook insiders.

    From Project Veritas:

    Two Facebook Insiders have come forward to Project Veritas with leaked internal documents, showing the Big Tech giant’s plan to police “Vaccine Hesitancy” (VH) through surreptitious “comment demotion.”

    The company has set up a tier system to rank comments on various scales, based on how much the statement questions or cautions against the Covid-19 vaccination.

    Tier 2, for instance, represents “Indirect Discouragement” of getting vaccinated and according to PV’s sources, user comments such as these would be heavily “suppressed.”

    It doesn’t matter if the comments are true, factual or represent reality. The comment is demoted, buried and hidden from view of the public if it clashes with this system.

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