HILARIOUS: Jim Acosta’s CNN Special Flops

CNN is contuing to fail.

Jim Acosta’s CNN special wasn’t able to even reach 600,000 viewers.

From Fox News:

A CNN guest peddled misinformation to viewers on Monday when he falsely claimed the liberal network was “broadcasting to millions and millions of people” during Jim Acosta’s special that didn’t even crack 600,000 viewers.

The ratings-challenged network has experimented with different options at 9 p.m. since it was forced to terminate Chris Cuomo last year. This week, Acosta is occupying the time slot with a special, “Democracy in Peril,” and the former White House reporter invited Democratic lawyer Marc Elias onto the program to discuss reforming the electoral count and other voting right legislation. Elias, an avid CNN watcher, flattered the network with misleading numbers during the segment.

“I’m an optimist about this because I think that if everyone stands up in their town square, you know, you have a great town square,” Elias told Acosta. “You’re broadcasting to millions and millions of people.”

Acosta’s special on Monday managed only 511,000 viewers, a far cry from the “millions and millions” that Elias claimed were tuning in. The previous week, when Brianna Keilar filled in at 9 p.m. and hosted a special also titled, “Democracy in Peril,” CNN averaged only 555,000 average viewers. The network went extended periods of 2021 failing to reach even one million average viewers and settled for an average audience of only 783,000 last year.

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