Heritage Foundation:”Repealing the individual mandate is a great place to begin”

    The Heritage Foundation took to Twitter to explain why repealing the Obamacare individual mandate is a must.

    Here is what the Individual Mandate is.

    It works like this: If you are not covered by health insurance, if you do not buy something you are obligated by our fascist government to buy simply for the sin of being born, the federal government penalizes you with a tax of $675 for each adult in your household, plus an additional $347.50 for each child or a maximum penalty of $2085. Or… You will pay 2.5 percent of your adjusted gross income if that comes out to a higher amount than the per person penalty.

    On the surface, you might make the argument this helps the poor. You might think since more people will be in the market than more people will be able to purchase health insurance due to its low price. This is entirely misleading and false. In fact, 80% of those who are paying this mandate are making under $50,000 a year and 95% make under $250,000 a year.


    According to Forbes, the IRS reports that 6.67 million families are getting soaked by the Obamacare mandate. A full 5.3 million (or 80 percent) of those make less than $50,000 a year. Almost all of those families, 6.6 million of the 6.67 million, make less than $200,000 annually.

    The average tax paid by those making less than $50,000 was $340.

    Is repealing this mandate going to save healthcare? No. What the repeal of this mandate will do is help lower class families take home more money, save the entirety of the country a ton of money and allow for people to more freely purchase a healthcare plan if they want.

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