HERE WE GO AGAIN: “Alternative Mueller Report” Could Be Released

Looks like Russiagate is being restarted.

The feds could soon release an “alternative Mueller report.”

From Politico:

An unpublished investigative compilation sometimes referred to as the “Alternative Mueller Report” has been located in Justice Department files and could be released soon, according to a letter filed in federal court Thursday.

A top deputy to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, revealed in a book he published last year that the team he headed prepared a summary of all its work — apparently including details not contained in the final report made public in 2019.

“At least for posterity, I had all the [team] members … write up an internal report memorializing everything we found, our conclusions, and the limitations on the investigation, and provided it to the other team leaders as well as had it maintained in our files,” wrote Weissmann in “Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation.”

The reference prompted the New York Times to submit a Freedom of Information Act request for the document in January and to follow up in July with a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

Lawyers from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan told Judge Katherine Polk Failla in a letter Thursday that officials have figured out what document Weissmann was alluding to and have begun reviewing it for possible release.

“Since Plaintiff filed its complaint, Defendant has located and begun processing this record and intends to release all non-exempt portions to Plaintiff once processing is complete,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Jude wrote. “Defendant estimates that primary processing of the record will be complete by the end of January 2022 at which time Defendant expects to send the record to several other DOJ components for consultation.”

Jude did not provide an estimate of how long those consultations could take, but proposed updating the court by mid-February.

The pledge to process the so-called alternative Mueller report is no guarantee that what’s released will contain significant new revelations. The Justice Department can use a variety of exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act to shield parts of the document from disclosure, including by deeming it attorney work-product or part of an internal deliberative process. Current DOJ leaders could waive those exemptions, but releasing other contents such as grand jury information could be more difficult due to legal restrictions.

Why would this be created?

It seems that this was just another trap set-up by the Deep State to revive the Russiagate narrative when needed.

UPDATE-More from The Conservative Treehouse:

Interesting report from Politico (using DOJ/FBI sources), highlighting a likelihood the DOJ will release another version of the Trump-Russia report in the spring of 2022.  From the description it sounds like the Andrew Weissmann version of the Mueller report.

If accurate; and there’s no reason at this point not to see this as likely; this could be considered the third leg of the 2022 election stool being constructed by the leftists who plan election strategies within the Lawfare group.

  • Leg one is the J6 Committee investigation and subsequent narrative findings.
  • Leg two is the DOJ investigation of audit groups, indictments and subsequent narrative.
  • Leg three would be the Andrew Weissmann report, and subsequent narrative.

As we have noted for several years, and later admitted by former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, the special counsel team led by Andrew Weissmann -using the figurehead of Robert Mueller- was in full control of the U.S. Justice Department from May of 2017 to April of 2019.  Simultaneously, the Lawfare group allies outside the special counsel were collaborating with their friends in the Weissmann group.

The media, now writing about how an Andrew Weissmann version of the Mueller report will be released early next year, speaks further to the political motive operating inside the current DOJ.  It appears that Main Justice, in collaboration with the FBI, will be the strategy center for the Democrat’s 2022 election effort.

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