GROSS! Farrakhan calls for separate state for Black Americans

Louis Farrakhan took to Instagram calling once again for a separate state for Black Americans.

Fox News:

“That’s not just my goal. That’s what God wants. Most of our people don’t want it here,” Farrakhan said. “You love your enemy. You want to stay with your enemy. You’re in love with his wealth. I understand the fascination, slaves. I understand that. But God has something else for us.”

The preacher went on to reiterate that neither he nor his group has changed its goal of a separate state since its creation in the 1960s.

“Let me tell you what’s gonna happen. Yes I’m after a separate state. A separate nation. In the 60s what was our cry? We weren’t saying we want to integrate, we were saying ‘It’s nation time!’” he said.

“Black Power. Black Power to do what? To integrate a lunch counter? Black Power to build a nation for 40 million – now near 50 million – black people,” he added.

News like this is extremely important due to Farrakhan’s close relationship with so many powerful Democrats.(Click)

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