Gorka Vows Political Battle With Sham Jan 6th Committee

The Jan 6th committee just ran into more trouble.

Sebastian Gorka had his phone records subpoenaed by the sham Jan 6th committee.

He is now telling them to prepare for “a political battle” over it.

From Breitbart:

Former Deputy Assistant to the President and conservative analyst Dr. Sebastian Gorka is vowing to “go to a political battle” with the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, following the revelation that his phone records were subpoenaed from Verizon.

“They’ve chosen the wrong guy — they still they probably don’t know that I still have all my clearances — and I am prepared to go to a political battle with Adam Schiff, with Nancy Pelosi, and with all of the radicalized Democrats that sadly have destroyed that party,” Gorka told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview.

“I’m going to approach it as somebody who has been teaching about political warfare for almost 20 years, training the intelligence community, the FBI, members of the military Special Forces, to understand that you don’t have to fire a shot to destroy the greatest Republic on God’s green earth,” Gorka said. 

Gorka told Breitbart News that the subpoena did not include any allegation of a crime, only citing a speech that he was scheduled to deliver in front of the Supreme Court on January 6 but never did. Regardless, he explained, Verizon will be handing over troves of phone records and other personal data in compliance with what he calls the Democrats’ “political intimidation” of Trump supporters — adding, “if they can do that to a former Deputy Assistant to the President, they can do that to anybody.”

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