GOOD NEWS! Eleven States Fight To Bring Back Trump-Era “Public Charge Rule”

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Eleven states are moving to revive the Trump-era public charge rule, which required immigrants to be finally stable to become U.S. citizens.

From Just The News:

Eleven states are filing a motion against the Biden administration for its attempt to rescind a Trump-era immigration policy that requires immigrants be financially stable to become U.S. citizens or obtain permanent residency.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovitch filed a motion on Wednesday that includes 11 state’s requests to save the “Public Charge Rule” after the Biden administration abandoned the policy, according to the The Epoch Times.

“It is unconscionable to overwhelm our infrastructure and immigration personnel when we are dealing with the health and economic devastation of the pandemic,” Brnovich said. “While regardless of one’s position on immigration reform, this reckless violation of federal law is only creating another national crisis and putting additional strains on our state and hardworking Arizona taxpayers.”

Here are the eleven states:











-West Virginia

Key Takeaways:

-Eleven states filed a motion to revive the Trump-Era “Public Charge Rule”

-The “Public Charge Rule” required financially stable to become U.S. citizens or obtain permanent residency in the U.S.

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