Germany: ISIS bride arrested after photo of cake celebrating 9/11 found on her lost phone


By: Robert Spencer

Omaima Abdi was doubtless allowed to return to Germany on the assumption that she was horrified by the excesses of the Islamic State and completely separated from and not responsible for the crimes of her husband. Then her lost phone was found. There may be many more like her among Islamic State brides who have been allowed to return to other countries, but as long as they don’t lose their phones, they’ll be fine: to question them in any serious manner would be “Islamophobic.”

“ISIS propaganda chief’s widow is arrested in Hamburg months after being exposed by her lost mobile phone containing pictures of Bin Laden birthday cake and ‘jihadi Mumsnet,’” by Ross Ibbetson and Leigh Mcmanus, Mailonline, September 10, 2019:

An ISIS widow of a German rapper turned ‘Goebbels’ of the caliphate, has been arrested in Hamburg, prosecutors revealed on Monday.

Omaima Abdi was seen being transferred to a police helicopter last week by masked officers. She was exposed in April after a lost phone full of Islamist hate fell into the hands of a reporter.

The German-Tunisian, 34, had been married to the rapper Denis ‘Deso Dogg’ Cuspert after her first jihadist husband was killed in an air raid on the Syrian city of Kobane, according to prosecutors.

Cuspert, killed last year in an airstrike in Syria, was one of the most notorious Western fighters for ISIS and became a chief propagandist, dubbed ‘the Goebbels’ of the regime.

Abdi had travelled to Syria in January 2015 to join Nadar Hadra with their two children and another child from a previous marriage.

She lived under IS rules, raising her children following the group’s doctrines, and receiving monthly financial help from the militant outfit, prosecutors said.

She subsequently wed Cuspert, but left him and returned to Germany pregnant with their child, as well as her three other children, in 2016.

Cuspert died two years later in a US airstrike on Syria’s Deir Ezzor province.

She slipped back into a western lifestyle in Hamburg, working as an events manager and interpreter, but was rumbled when damning photos were discovered on a phone she lost, The Sunday Times reported.

Photos of family meals and school runs with her young children were in stark contrast to the ones showing her son holding a pistol, and posing in front of ISIS insignia….

The phone contained 36GB of data including evidence that pointed towards her online recruitment of western females and pictures of with a rifle-wielding fighter from Luton who is known to have links to British hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

The mine of data also uncovered possible contact details in Syria for a teen ISIS bride from Lewisham in southeast London.

The Sunday Times said there was also evidence that Abdi was a pivotal member in an online propaganda circle dubbed ‘the Mumsnet for jihadi brides’.

The ‘Free Our Sisters’ group lauded female terrorists jailed in Britain and celebrated the anniversary of 9/11 by posting a picture of a cake decorated with two towers and the face of Osama bin Laden.

Her phone didn’t just reveal her fervent support for the caliphate, but the normal life she led before becoming interested in Syria.

In Germany, pre-2012 when she became interested in Islam, she was pictured dressed in revealing clothes and even had a daughter from her first husband – from whom she was divorced when she went to Syria.

Her second husband, Hadra, from Frankfurt, appears to have been the one to have promoted her fundamental interest in Islam and her travel to Syria….

The Sunday Times also said that Abdi was also involved in a group – Die Wahre Religion or ‘the true religion’ – that tried to make people convert.

The group was later banned in Germany for sending over 140 jihadists to join ISIS and al-Qaeda across the Middle East.

Soon after, she took her second husband Cuspert, a rapper also known as Deso Dogg from Berlin. It is he who she is pictured gazing at as he holds an AK-47.

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