Geraldo Riveria calls out Mainstream Media for Fake News reporting on Puerto Rico Relief effort

    Even Trump Critic Geraldo Rivera had to call out the Mainstream Media’s ridiculously false narrative as it pertains to the Puerto Rico recovery effort.

    This is no shock to anyone who has been following real reporting on this story. 17 of the 16 Mayors in Puerto Rico and the Governor all praised Trump and FEMA for their great response.

    Of course, The Fake News Media decided to keep the attention away from that and put the cameras on a Mayor named Carmen Yulín Cruz. The Democratic Mayor made sure to politicize this Hurricane as much as possible. She went to every news outlet and promoted Anti-Trump propaganda. To her it didn’t matter what the Trump administration did, she was calling them out on it.

    Here is everything that happened:

    San Juan Mayor Carmen Cruz doesn’t meet with FEMA:

    According to reports Carmen refused to meet with FEMA and was only hurting the relief effort.

    DC EXCLUSIVE: Fellow Puerto Rico Mayor Rips San Juan Mayor — ‘She’s Not Participating In Any Meetings’

    They had enough supplies but truck drivers were on strike:

    One of the major issues with the relief effort was the fact that many Puerto Rican truck drivers were on strike. This strike led to the inability to move the vast amount supplies at a productive rate.

    Supplies were found in the trash:

    Recordings and  Video proof have now come out that Puerto Rico Government officials may not be distributing supplies correctly. Not only did a government whistleblower bring this to our attention in a radio interview but the FBI is currently investigating it.

    FBI Reviews Allegations Of Puerto Rican Officials Withholding Hurricane Relief

    Here is video:

    Whether you like Trump or not it is important that we call out the media and the San Juan Mayor. They took a Hurricane and turned it into a political stunt that is disgusting.

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