Gen. Michael Flynn Files Restraining Order Against Nancy Pelosi


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No, she isn’t stalking him, but it is almost as bad: Gen. Michael Flynn, who knows a thing or two about witch hunts, is taking action to stop the latest one. Naming all the members of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol as defendants, he has filed a complaint intended to stop a subpoena from that committee. At the same time, according to the Western Journal, Flynn “filed a motion for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction specifically” against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Smirnoff). It is always refreshing, and far too rare, to see someone fighting back against this latter-day American version of the Stalinist show trials.

Remember: Flynn served as Trump’s National Security Adviser for less than a month before he resigned under a cloud in Feb. 2017, having become a central focus of the Russian collusion hoax. He wasn’t serving in the Trump administration in any capacity on Jan. 6, 2020 and had not done so for nearly three years. But that didn’t stop the rabid partisans of the Jan. 6 committee from trying to rope him into something he had absolutely nothing to do with.

“In November,” the Western Journal reports, Flynn “was mailed a subpoena ordering him to hand over documents and appear for a deposition.” According to Flynn’s complaint, “The Subpoena commanded General Flynn produce documents in response to twenty sweeping and vague demands covering a year and a half time frame — by November 23, 2021. Further, it commanded General Flynn to appear for a deposition on December 6, 2021.”

This is absurd, as Flynn was not a player in the Trump administration at that time, and so if there was any planning for an “insurrection,” (there wasn’t, as has recently been proven definitively), it would have been extremely unlikely that Flynn would have been in on it.

So why are the Jan. 6 committee and Pelosi targeting Flynn? Flynn’s complaint suggests that it may be because he was one of the many Americans who were skeptical about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. The complaint points out that “it is not a crime to hold such beliefs, regardless of whether they are correct or mistaken, to discuss them with others, to associate with those who share the same belief, or to ask the government to address such political concerns.”

There may be other reasons as well. Flynn has for years been one of the most vocal and articulate critics of the failed foreign policy establishment that the Biden administration has brought back into power. (It wasn’t entirely out of power during the Trump administration, as deeply entrenched bureaucrats fought hard against his efforts to establish American foreign policy on an America-First basis.) As far back as Aug. 2015, Foreign Policy Journal reported that Flynn, who had then recently left his position as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, stated that the Obama administration had made “a willful decision” to support al-Qaeda in Syria against the Assad regime. It came out early this year that U.S. taxpayer money went to a jihadist group in Syria during the Obama administration.

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