GALLUP! Trump approval hits 46%, higher than Obamas’

According to a Gallup Poll, Donald Trump’s approval rating hit 46% after the Mueller report exonerated President Trump on the Russia investigation.


Approval of President Donald Trump’s job performance remains relatively high for him following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report in late March, and amid a flurry of positive economic news. After jumping from 39% in early March to 45% in the first half of April, Trump’s approval rating held at 46% in a new Gallup poll conducted April 17-30.

The Poll also found that his approval rose to 12% among Democrats. His approval is at 91% among Republicans and 37% among independents.

More from Gallup:

More negative news for Trump about the Mueller investigation has appeared since Gallup’s latest field period ended, including revelations that Mueller had disputed Attorney General William Barr’s synopsis of the report, claiming that he had misled the public. This revelation has led to questions over Barr’s honesty in recent days as well as demands from some Democrats that Barr resign — but any public reaction to that would not be reflected in the latest approval rating.

The National Review pointed out that Barrack Obama’s approval was 2% lower than Donald Trump at the same time and he still won re-election.

Barack Obama’s job-approval rating was 44 percent in Gallup polling at the same point in his presidency (April 2011), and he still managed to find a way to win re-election in 2012.

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