Fulton County Election Director Ousted Over Election Issues

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You can’t make this up.

Election Director for Fulton County Richard Barron was ousted by a 3-2 vote over problems with the 2020 election.

From Just The News:

Georgia’s Fulton County’s Board of Registration and Elections voted Tuesday in favor of removing its election director following a mistake-marred and disputed 2020 election cycle.

The board removed Director Richard Barron in a 3-2 vote, according to 11alive.com.

Problems with balloting in the county emerged in the June primaries and resurfaced in the November General Election when incumbent President Trump narrowly lost the state to Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Democrats wanted to keep them on.


The county faced criticism in November and December over issues regarding election security, staffing, resources and ballot chain of custody.

Allegations of vote fraud at the State Farm Arena have remained unproven, but state officials had to sort out the issues, purportedly putting a huge strain on the county’s election apparatus, with some workers facing harassment and death threats.

A server crashing during the recount also became an issue, with the state saying the county “literally ignored the basic instructions and the directions of the vendor.”

It is truly amazing how terrible the 2020 election was.

While telling us there was no fraud they basically all but admit there were major issues in Georgia.

By the way, are you wondering what happened in Fulton County?

Oh ya just the largest Biden vote dump!

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