Fresno Killer was a member of BLM, avid fan of CNN, MSNBC, and TYT

Early on April 18th a 39-Year-Old Muslim man by the name of Kori Ali Muhammad opened fire killing three white people in the process. Authorities also said they heard Kori say “Allahu Akbar”.

Here is an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times:

Fresno man known for advocating black separatism and making militant comments on social media shot and killed three people in downtown Fresno on Tuesday before surrendering to authorities and uttering the phrase, “Allahu akbar,” according to the Fresno Police Department.

The suspect was identified as Kori Ali Muhammad, a 39-year-old man who was wanted in connection with the shooting death of a security guard outside a motel Thursday, Police Chief Jerry Dyer said. The FBI has been notified of the shooting deaths.

Dyer said all of the victims were white men, and two of the men who were clients of a local Catholic charity where Tuesday’s attack took place. Mohammed is black.

Research into Kori’s facebook pulled up some very interesting findings. Kori was a member of two extremist groups(Black Lives Matters, The Nation of Islam) and an avid fan of CNN, MSNBC and The Young Turks.

Kori also posted some threats on Facebook Saturday.”LET BLACK PEOPLE GO OR THE DOOM INCREASES REPARATIONS & SEPARATION NOW.”


On Monday he wrote:


Brian Levin, director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism had a ton of great information on what type of rhetoric Kori used.

It reads to me that this is an example of an anti-white murder. We’re living in an era of violent reciprocal prejudice, and there are references on his website to Fard Muhammad, the founder of Nation of Islam, and Nation of Islam uses the term white devils quite prolifically, as did this shooter,” Levin said

“He appears to be a black supremacist, a violent black supremacist,” Levin said.

My interest in this story stems from how the media will cover it. Alternative right media and Trump have been blamed for countless crimes in the past. They say their “hate speech” provokes crime without citing evidence.

Well, the tables have turned due to the fact it seems this criminal became radicalized through Nation of Islam and Black Lives Matters rhetoric. The idea of reparations for African Americans also has appeared numerous times on CNN programming.

Making people think they are victims has its consequences. It helps the mentally unstable justify their crimes. The idea of “black supremacists” is one that nobody talks about in the MSM. Clearly, maybe it should.


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