Fox Ratings Took A Dive During Jan 6th Hearing

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Fox’s poor choices once again is hurting them in the ratings.

According to viewership data, Fox News’ ratings tanked while they aired Pelosi’s sham Jan 6th hearing.

Remember, Fox has chosen not to air some of Trump’s rally.

From CNN:

Brian Stelter writes: “Well, I suppose this is the least surprising news of the past 48 hours: Fox News ratings fell nearly in half during the 1/6 hearing on Tuesday, per Nielsen, and recovered after the ‘bad news’ went away. Newsmax ratings were also rather low during the live coverage, but rebounded for opinion shows later in the day. Fox bottomed out at noon ET with just 736,000 viewers during the hearing, a far lower audience than usual for Fox at that hour. At 8pm, when Tucker Carlson insulted lawmakers and instilled doubt about the riot, the channel averaged 3.01 million viewers. That should tell you everything you need to know about the right-wing audience…”

Why would Fox air a rally that has been exposed as nothing more than a Dem propaganda effort?

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