Fox: Path Is Now Clear For Trump To Begin 2024 Run

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Fox’s John Roberts took to Twitter to say that with impeachment out of the way the path is clear for a 2024 run for Trump.

Only time will tell.

One thing we do know is that Trump can take a victory lap.

He got a massive win over the elites and is now in a far better position than before the impeachment.

“MAGA Ascending Again”- Donald Trump Jr Takes A Victory Lap After A Great Week For Republicans

Trump released a statement after the acquittal hinting again at a political future:

“Has Only Just Begun”- Trump Releases Statement After Acquittal

The establishment knows they are in trouble.

With Trump still able to run he can once again be a force in the Republican Party.

The best part of all of this is how the swamp has outed itself.

We now know who stands with the American people and who stands with the corrupt ruling class.

I will add one thing at the end here. If I have learned one thing about the swamp it is that they never give up.

I wish I could say it was a 100% chance they wouldn’t try something new to bar him from running but we could very well be dealing with another attempt to bar him in a few weeks.

We will be here covering all of it.

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