For the first time in 50 years, U.S Debt-GDP ratio goes down more than 1% in Presidents first term

A new article from The Gateway Pundit lays out just how strong Trump has made the economy.

Gateway Pundit:

The higher a country’s debt to GDP ratio, the less healthy the country’s economy. With the final 2017 GDP numbers released today, President Trump’s policies have officially decreased the Debt to GDP ratio by 1.3% in the President’s first year in office.

In contrast, President Obama increased the US Debt to GDP ratio his first year in office by 14.5%. Obama increased the debt to GDP rate a total of 37% over his 8 years in office.

Since his inauguration, President Trump focused his efforts on the security of the country and on the prosperity of its economy. The results of his actions are taking shape.

The US GDP has increased each quarter in 2017 with the 4th Quarter GDP increasing to $19.754 trillion – the highest GDP for any country in world history.

It goes on

On the other hand, the President curtailed US spending in 2017.  The result is that the US Debt to GDP ratio decreased in 2017 from 105.0% to 103.7%.

No President in more than 50 years has decreased the Debt to GDP ratio in his first year in office by more than 1%. The last President to do so was Nixon in 1969. Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush decreased the Debt to GDP ratio in their first years in office but by less than 1%.

The debt to GDP ratio showcases the ability for a country to pay its debts. Now, as you can see we certainly are nowhere near where we need to be in terms of our ability to pay the debt off but at least it is trending in the right direction.

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