FLASHBACK: NYT Article from 2000 hints at John McCain being a “shadow liberal”

    An article from The New York Times in 2000 claims that McCain was looked at as a shadowy Liberal.

    Senator John McCain has recently been accused by Republican opponents of being a shadow liberal, but no one has ever leveled such a charge against his South Carolina political consultant and the architect of his Southern campaign, Richard M. Quinn.

    Where Mr. McCain has policy positions from across the political spectrum, Mr. Quinn is one of the proudest and most vocal conservatives in the South, editing one of the region’s most right-wing magazines, Southern Partisan Quarterly Review. Where Mr. McCain has alternately criticized and sympathized with arguments for displaying the Confederate battle flag, Mr. Quinn has helped lead the fight to keep the flag flying over the South Carolina Capitol.

    Obviously, this is old news but it’s amazing to look back and realize this. We can sit and wonder what happened to true conservativism and why the party faltered in the 21st Century until Trump came around. It is likely because it wasn’t run by conservatives at all, it was run by Democrats.

    Next time someone claims that McCain is a good Republican remind them that he shouldn’t be in the Republican party at all. He basically is a leftist Democrat who is in the Republican Party only to destroy it. We have no room for John McCain and we must do everything in our power to continue to expose him.

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