FBI Director says he hasn’t detected a “whiff of interference” from White House on Russia Probe

According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, he has seen no signs of The White House trying to interfere with the ongoing Russian Probe.

In his first public appearance since taking the job, Christopher had this to say

“I can say very confidently I have not detected any whiff of interference in that investigation,” 

This completely destroys the left’s narrative. Since in the eyes of the leftist media and the Democrats Trump is obviously guilty of collusion they have attempted to claim he is trying to stop it in some way.  After firing Comey they claimed he was obstructing justice. After claiming the investigation was a witch hunt they started spreading around that he was going to fire Muller. Neither were true.

One thing is clear, Trump is acting nothing like a man who has committed a crime. If Trump was guilty you can almost guarantee that Trump would be inserting himself into the investigation trying to stop it from happening. Instead, Trump is focused on his agenda and watching the Russian narrative die.

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