Exclusive: Donald Trump never ordered the firing of Robert Mueller, story leaked to take attention away from Memo

Yesterday the New York Times reported that Donald Trump ordered the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller and that because of this White House Counsel Donald F. McGahn II threatened to resign.

Well, we have learned this isn’t the case.

According to our source with knowledge of this situation, Donald Trump considered firing Mueller but never actually asked anyone to fire him.

Here is what our source said:

It’s a grey area… Trump considered firing him but I heard his lawyers didn’t threaten to quit. Mueller will be leaking stories like this to take attention away from the memo. Expect more

Our source continued.

Trump was only thinking out loud about firing Mueller

So basically this blows the entire Times story out of the water. The Times once again fell victim to people within the government with a political agenda and in turn got the story wrong.

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