Examiner: CNN encouraging Deep State officials to lie

The Washington Examiner’s editorial board published an Op-ed calling out CNN for hiring former government officials who have been caught lying.

The Washington Examiner:

If you’re wondering why people don’t trust the media, look no further than the hiring of these two liars. CNN has sent a clear message to those in government: If you lose your position of public trust because you lie under oath, you can always land a job at CNN — at least as long as your lie was for a good cause, such as the resistance to Trump, or presumably to whatever Republican presidents are elected in the future.

It is incredible that many of the same people rightly sneering at Fox News’ earlier hiring of Sarah Huckabee Sanders are incapable of understanding the problem with hiring actual under-oath liars like Clapper and McCabe. But it gets much worse than that.

CNN is making our country worse by creating an incentive for public officials to engage in similar misconduct. That’s the opposite of what journalism should do.

To the extent that it has a direct effect on the public sector, journalism should create incentives for probity and integrity. It should champion and amplify the charges of whistleblowers, providing a counterpoint where necessary to those in power who hold the microphone: people like Clapper and McCabe, who told lies under oath to conceal their own and the government’s misconduct.

Some would argue (and they have a point) that the transition from government to journalism is one of the less-harmful revolving-door maneuvers. After all, most government officials go on to generous remuneration in the world of lobbying and K Street “consulting”: potentially a repayment for services rendered in the crafting of legislation and regulation while in office. Many of those involved in crafting Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill did exactly that.

But journalism is supposed to be about the truth. Even when it is opinion journalism and television commentary, at times tendentious and prone to spin, the viewers deserve to hear the honest opinions of those involved, not the sort of self-serving posturing that those implicated in government misconduct have to resort to when personally uncomfortable topics arise.

The Examiner only talks about Clapper and McCabe but Brennan is another guest whom they have allowed to spread propaganda. I have never thought of it like this but the Examiner is 100% right. Even giving CNN the benefit of the doubt you can still come to the conclusion that this is just a horrible decision. If want to be seen as a nonbias news network why would you ever hire people who have zero credibility and hate President Trump?

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