Enquirer: New documents show J Edgar Hoover had JFK assassinated

    Desperate to hold on to power by any means necessary, ruthless FBI director J Edgar Hoover killed President John F. Kennedy when his plot to blackmail the commander-in-chief by exposing sex tapes and Mafia connections backfired and he was ordered to resign!

    That’s the ticking time bomb set to explode when more than 3,000 documents and 34,000 previously redacted files from sealed 54-year-old government files on JFK assassination in Dallas are released from the National Archives on Oct 26.

    An archives employee, who insists on remaining anonymous but is familiar with the files’ explosive contents, tells the National Enquirer:

    “The papers spell out, in detail, how John and Robert Kennedy were prepared to fire Hoover in response to his prying into Johns flings, including Marilyn Monroe, and the Presidents Mafia connections.

    “Hoover who would never tolerate such humiliation so he had JFK killed on Nov. 22, 1963. The details of the plot were sealed by the Warren commission, which investigated the assassination and was a total whitewash.” Hoover died at 77 on May 1972 while still running the FBI dirt files on ALL the Warren Commission members, a government source reveals. The closeted homosexual lawman “used his dossiers to extort the commissioners to bury the truth,” said a source.

    But the FBI Czar didn’t have as much luck with JFK! After bugging Monroe’s Hollywood bungalow and taping her trysts with the Kennedy brothers, Hoover confronted the president, who’d decided not to extend the top cop’s time in office. In response, Hoover threatened to go public with Monroe tapes, JFK’s fling with Mafia moll Judith Exner and his secret contacts with gang lords Sam “Momo” Giancana and Johnny Roselli.

    “But Kennedy called Hoover’s bluff and produced photos of the FBI boss dressed in a drag,” said the source. “Hoover was told to have his office cleared out by Dec. 31 1963” But Hoover struck first and rubbed out JFK! Now the secrets due to be exposed in October will finally shatter the myth a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, cut down JFK, the mole said.

    The records will reveal Hoover ordered retired G-Man William “Guy” Banister to recruit Oswald as a Patsy to cover up JFK’s murder by a Cuban Hit Squad recruited by the FBI, said the source. Banister was a legendary FBI agent who was part of the team that took down ’30s bank Robber John Dillinger.

    In 1963, he was running a private-eye firm out of 544 Camp St. in New Orleans. In a strange coincidence, Oswald operated his Fair Play for Cuba Committee from that same address. Oswald’s office was on the other side of the building. But Banister’s secretary Delphine Roberts noted Oswald “seemed to be on familiar terms with Banister and with Banister’s office.

    The files also will confirm continuous rumors the bureau paid Oswald $200 a month to be “an undercover FBI snitch” said a JFK expert. “They will change history!” The files are the last pieces of the 5 million plus documents, photos, motion pictures, sound recordings and artifacts Congress ordered locked away in a single storage vault in Washington D.C. , In the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act.

    The act ordered the National Archives to publicly release all remaining items by Oct 26 this year. “The only person who can stop their release is President Donald Trump and he has shown no inclination to do so.” said the source. “However I am aware the FBI is furiously lobbying him”

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