Enquirer: Hardcore criminals getting deported under Trump

An article from The National Enquirer showcases the stunning work has done on the deportation of illegal criminals.

“Brave federal officials have targeted at-large criminal immigrants, sweeping up 114 foreign nationals in a gusty, 11-day operation spear-headed by President Donald Trump to rid the nation’s streets of vicious crooks and perverts!

U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, under the direction of and Department of Justice Attorney General of Jeff Sessions and ICE Acting Director Tom Homan (right), cuffed 104 men and 10 women in the New York metropolitan area in the massive July raid, including a Mexican national guilty of manslaughter and an Ecuadorian Rapist! Drug trafficking,

Drug trafficking, rape, forgery, sex assault and robbery are just some of the offenses committed by the felons, with nine of those nabbed receiving final orders to be removed from U.S soil. “Our nation has a proud history of immigration, but we are also a nation governed by laws specifically designed to protect its citizens and residents. 

“ICE will be diligent in its responsibility to find those who come to the United States to prey upon our communities and ultimately return them to their home countries” Of those arrested, 82 already had American rap sheets, while another 15 had pending charges after their first arrests on U.S Soil.  

The sweep comes on the heels of June’s Operation Matador a joint federal-state initiative which nabbed a total of 45 gang-bangers in New York including 39 affiliated with MS-13. As The National Enquirer previously reported, ruthless gangsters are on the rise across the U.S., including the bloody MS-13, a savage syndicate with many illegal alien members from Central American nations.

The gang has launched a reign of urban terror marked by vicious torture, gruesome murders, and public beheadings while engaging in burglaries, auto theft, human trafficking, and prostitution. The 10,000-member mob has spread rapidly across the U.S from Los Angeles, a shocking occurrence that President Trump pins on former President Barack Obama’s “weak, illegal immigration policies.”     

Trump has vowed to close “dangerous loopholes and liberate” our towns from the horrors. Speaking to law enforcement officials on New York’s Long Island the scene of more than 20 gang-related slayings in 2017 alone Trump said MS-13 has “transformed peaceful parks and beautiful, quiet neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields. They’re animals…. We cannot accept this violence one day more”     

Immigration arrests rose nearly 40 percent during Trump’s first 100 days in office with 41,318 people arrested compared to just 30,028 in the same period last year. “This is just the beginning,” a determined lawman told The ENQUIRER. “Until every last evil-doer is ousted from the America’s shores, Trump won’t rest!”

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