ELECTION MEDDLING: China makes Anti-Trump Ad for California almond farmers

The OP-ED section of the China Global Television Network website published a video attacking Donald Trump’s Trade War against China.

This is how the ad opens up:

 “President Donald Trump has started a trade war against China. In retaliation, China has enacted a 50-percent combined tax on me, my friend pistachio, and other classic California produce.”

They also attacked the relief Trump gave farmers in the Midwest

“Midwestern farmers are not happy with the relief, wanting trade instead. At least they have aid, unlike me.”

Then they began targeting Republicans

California’s 7,000 almond growers have actually been left out in the cold.

Though the traditionally blue state voted for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, many of our state’s farmers supported Trump. Some of our top almond-producing regions in the state are actually represented by Republicans.

But unfortunately, with neither trade nor aid, our state’s farmers now stand to lose the most in this escalating trade war.

Tell me, do you want all those fruits, nuts, and veggies to pile up and rot simply because President Trump is killing trade at the expense of the many?


CGTN is an “international media organization” owned by China Central Television, the state television network in China.

Click Here to watch the Full Video

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