Don Jr Issues Warning About Biden Admin Being Susceptible To Blackmail

Donald Trump Jr warned that the Biden administration is susceptible to blackmail over Hunter Buden.

He discussed this during an interview with Eric Bolling.

From Breitbart:

“Our press won’t even ask do you think — like, us being on the verge of World War III — do you think our decision-making could be being influenced by the fact that there’s plenty more out there that we don’t even know about? I mean, there doesn’t seem to be an enemy country of the United States that doesn’t somehow have a Hunter Biden laptop. ”

“Listen, man, it’s easier to get out of trouble if you just don’t get yourself there in the first place. You know?” he added. “What’s going on with that one is amazing, but it’s, again, going back to the media. The fact that they refused to cover it, the fact that they don’t even acknowledge it, you know, and then if I get heated in a conversation, there’s hours of Don Jr. must be on drugs. I mean, there’s photographs on the other side. It’s like no, we must be sympathetic to this. I mean, I understand being sympathetic if they want to be sympathetic towards someone with addiction, but someone who has Hunter Biden’s record who’s actually smoking crack with prostitutes, who feels the need to video it — imagine the things he didn’t video. We’ve seen what he’s videoed. Imagine the stuff that he did that isn’t on video or perhaps that our enemies have on video and are holding over Joe Biden and this administration’s head. I think that’s pretty scary, Eric.”


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