“Doesn’t Want Him Spilling The Dirty Secrets”–Trump Exposes Why Biden Is Defending Milley

After reports of General Milley undermining Trump while Trump was President surfaced Joe Biden defended Milley saying he has “great confidence” in him.


Trump released a statement unloading on General Milley and saying that he was not told about any calls being made to China.

Trump also exposed why Biden is still protecting him.

Here is the statement:

Trump statment china phone call

Milley never told me about calls being made to China. From what I understand, he didn’t tell too many other people either. He put our Country in a very dangerous position but President Xi knows better, and would’ve called me. The way Milley and the Biden Administration handled the Afghanistan withdrawal, perhaps the most embarrassing moment in our Country’s history, would not exactly instill fear in China. The only reason Biden will not fire or court-martial Milley is because he doesn’t want him spilling the dirty secrets on Biden’s deadly disaster in Afghanistan. Milley is a complete nutjob!

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