Did CNN Change Its Polling To Help Biden?

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The fake news is attempting to save whatever image Biden has left.

Breitbart’s Nolte pointed out that CNN bizarrely changed its polling methodology as Biden’s approval began to tank.

In what is a shock to no one, CNN’s poll found Biden having an approval of 52%.

This is far higher than most recent polls which put Biden in the low 40%.

From Breitbart:

How fake and juiced and unreliable is CNNLOL’s new polling methodology? Well, CNNLOL just released a “poll” that claims His Fraudulency Joe Biden enjoys a 52 percent approval rating.

Boy, they sure poured on the juice until they got the desired result — that 52 percent! And to justify all that juicy-juice, CNNLOL claims that their new methodology is even more accurate than the old.

“CNN[LOL] launches new polling methodology,” reads the CNNLOL headline. And then comes the horseshit (I don’t link fake news):

The landscape of political polling is changing, and so too is the way CNN[LOL] carries out its polls. Beginning with Friday’s newly released CNN[LOL] poll conducted by SSRS, the network is implementing a new methodology for measuring public opinion.


Under the new methodology, CNN and SSRS will carry out polls several times a year using a larger sample and a longer field period than is typically used for news polling. [emphasis added]

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