DHS! Trump $5B request will build 215 miles of Border Wall

According to The Department Of Homeland Security, the $5 Billion Trump has requested for his border wall is enough to build 215 miles.


When combined with the funds provided in FY 2017 and FY 2018, if funded at $5B in FY 2019 DHS expects to construct more than 330 miles of border wall in the U.S. Border Patrol’s highest priority locations across the Southwest border.

DHS is positioned to construct 215 miles of Border Patrol’s highest priority border wall miles including:

[roughly] 5 miles in San Diego Sector in California

[roughly] 14 miles in El Centro Sector in California

[roughly] 27 miles in Yuma Sector in Arizona

[roughly] 9 miles in El Paso Sector in New Mexico

[roughly] 55 miles in Laredo Sector in Texas

[roughly] 104 miles in Rio Grande Valley Sector in Texas

Ann Coulter isn’t happy with Trump, not requesting full funding.


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