Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be fired immediately

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is actively complying with the deep state in its plot to take down President Donald Trump.

    This all started on March 2nd when Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the probe into the 2016 election.

    Excerpt from a March 2nd Washington Post article

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday that he will recuse himself from investigations related to the 2016 presidential campaign, which would include any Russian interference in the electoral process.

    Speaking at a hastily called news conference at the Justice Department, Sessions said he was following the recommendation of department ethics officials after an evaluation of the rules and cases in which he might have a conflict.

    “They said that since I had involvement with the campaign, I should not be involved in any campaign investigation,” Sessions said. He added that he concurred with their assessment and would thus recuse himself from any existing or future investigation involving President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

    This led to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein taking charge of the investigation. It didn’t take long for Rosenstein to give full control over the investigation to the deep state.

    On May 16th Comey’s memos began to surface. These memos which still haven’t turned up stated that Trump “hoped” Trump could drop the investigation into General Flynn. Now, the left has freaked out and attempted to bring an obstruction of justice case against Trump because of this. This is utter nonsense. For an obstruction of justice case to even be considered there must be some underlying threat. That didn’t stop Rosenstein from going behind Trump’s back and hiring Robert Muller as a special prosecutor to take over the case.

    In the beginning, both sides seemed content with the appointing of Robert Muller. Both sides thought it would clean up the illegal leaks coming out of the White House and allow for a good investigation. Recent developments have shown that not to be true. During Comey’s testimony, he admitted that he was the leaker of his memos. He leaked classified information to the New York Times in hopes that a special prosecutor would be appointed. Yes, you read that correctly. James Comey committed a crime by leaking classified information to the press. He admitted this under oath. He also admitted to doing it for a political reason. He admitted he leaked his memos to get Muller put into place. For this Muller should have been fired immediately.

    Initially, it seemed Muller was running a clean investigation. Leaks slowed down and the investigation finally seemed to be controlled. That was until after the Comey testimony. Since the Comey testimony, we have witnessed a few things. The first is that Muller brought in Clinton Donors to help him in his investigation. This is clearly something that should not be allowed. These people brought in by Muller have a clear conflict of interest and have no place on Muller’s team. The second thing is that leaks are once again being to come out of the investigation. Just two days ago The Washington Post broke a poorly sourced story that stated Trump is now under investigation for “Obstruction of Justice”. The only people with real access to this information would have been on Muller’s team. Somebody leaked this information before any real investigation has taken place.

    Now, you might be wondering why I wrote an entire article that describes the reasoning for the firing of Muller yet the title says Rosenstein should be fired. Well, thats because Rosenstein is the one who is allowing all of this to go on. Rosenstein should have never hired a special prosecutor, to begin with. In a letter to Trump days before Comey’s firing Rosenstein told Trump to fire Comey. This should have cleared any blame from Trump and stopped the appointment of the special prosecutor. Rosenstein’s motives for this ridiculous move is unknown but political pressure from the deep state is certainly my leading theory. Even though his mistake is apparent Rosenstein doubled down on his move just days ago. Under oath, Rosenstein said that he sees no reason to fire Muller. Clearly, from everything I mentioned above this statement is ridiculous.

    Trump has sat back and whined over Twitter for far too long on this issue. It is time for him to go on the attack and clean house.

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