Dems Worried Failing On Infrastructure Will Make Trump Even More Popular

Democrats still are Trump-obsessed.

Democrats are worried that if Biden’s infrastructure bill fails that Trump will become even more popular.

From The Washington Examiner:

Still, three senior Democratic officials told the Washington Examiner that failing to pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan physical infrastructure proposal and the $3.5 trillion “human” infrastructure budget reconciliation package will effectively guarantee that Democrats lose majorities in both chambers of Congress, something Trump will almost certainly take credit for and use to restrengthen his hold over the GOP.

“That’s the worst-case scenario,” one official stated. “The president’s been in office for nearly a year, and at this point, Trump’s popularity is flatlining. Giving him literally anything to hang his hat on would reenergize Republicans heading into a crucial election for our country’s future, especially as we’re still fighting to get the pandemic under control.”

A number of Democratic officials previously voiced similar sentiments to the Washington Examiner, claiming that Democratic congressional leaders wouldn’t hold up the bill over minor disagreements due to concerns about the election.

“We’ve got a unique opportunity to tout real, tangible things for voters next year and whack Republicans over the head for opposing really popular programs,” one official said at the time. “I think everyone recognizes that. Maybe the number comes down a bit, but at the end of the day, progressives, the White House, and moderates all know we’ve got to head into ’22 with some tangibles for voters, on top of getting us out of the pandemic.”

Democrats already have great reason to worry.

A new poll found Trump beating Kamala Harris and Joe Biden decisively in 2024.

From The Washington Examiner:

Just 247 days since President Joe Biden took the keys to the Oval Office, a majority of people appear to want him evicted and former President Donald Trump back.

In a stunning turnaround, likely voters today said that given a second chance at Election Day, they’d pick Trump over either Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris. And by a country mile.

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