Dems Pick Intel Official Who Pushed Russian Disinfo Hunter Biden Hoax For Afghanistan War Commission

attends the World Food Program USA's Annual McGovern-Dole Leadership Award Ceremony at Organization of American States on April 12, 2016 in Washington, DC.

Jeremy Bash was one of the intel officials selected to serve on the Afghanistan commission. (Bash served as chief of staff at the Pentagon and chief of staff at the CIA during the Obama administration.)

Bash was one of the now-disgraced intel officials claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.

From The Washington Examiner:

The newest Democratic selection for the Afghanistan War Commission is an MSNBC pundit who was among dozens of former intelligence officials who signed a letter in October 2020 claiming without evidence that the Hunter Biden laptop story was part of a Russian operation.

The Democratic chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Washington Rep. Adam Smith, announced he had picked Jeremy Bash for the Afghanistan investigation Friday, with the biography for Bash noting he served as chief of staff at the Pentagon and chief of staff at the CIA during the Obama administration. Former CIA Director Leon Panetta, for whom Bash worked, also signed the letter.

Bash’s LinkedIn lists himself as the founder of Beacon Global Strategies and as a national security analyst at NBC News and MSNBC.

Despite offering no proof, Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, along with many in the media, dismissed the laptop story as being a Russian disinformation operation. After the New York Post published emails belonging to his son, Joe Biden called the story “garbage” and part of a “Russian plan” during an October 2020 debate with then-President Donald Trump.

This is why the United States is in the place it is. Rather than government officials being held accountable for lies and blunders they got rewarded for propping up the establishment.

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