DELUNSIONAL: RINO Rep Says Liz Cheney Would Make A “Great” Speaker Of The House

The RINOs continue to prove they don’t represent Republican voters.

RINO GOP Rep. Tom Rice went on ABC to say he would support Liz Cheney being Speaker of the House saying she would be “great” for it.

Partial Transcript From Breitbart:

KARL: And – and what about Liz Cheney? Do you think she –

RICE: I think she’d be a great speaker.

KARL: Really?

RICE: Yes, I do. I think she’s a real Republican. I think she is very conservative. And I think she’s a fearless leader.

It is likely that after their primary races both Liz Cheney and Tom Rice will no longer be in Congress. Both Liz Cheney and Tom Rice are trailing in the polls.

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The RINOs don’t care about truth everything they do is to further their political careers.

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