December 8th NBA Fan Duel Tournament tips

I am not going to play any lineups tonight so I will just give you my favorite plays at each spot rather than my full lineup.

Point Guard: Damian Lillard -$9600

Damian Lillard is someone who will go underplayed tonight and I have no clue why. His price is a little high but there is no way I could fade him tonight. He is going up against Memphis without Mike Conley and will have no problem scoring tonight.  I could see him shooting the lights out and putting up 50+ fantasy points tonight. Keep in mind this game will stay close so he will play full minutes.

Contrarian Point guard: Sergio Rodriguez-$4900

Sergio is going against the Pelicans and should be able to make value again tonight. Everytime I play Sergio he gives me 6-7x and could see him doing the same if you play him tonight. He is the perfect play at this price.

Shooting Guard: Bradley Beal-$6800

Beal played horrid in his last game and is going to easily bounce back tonight. The Nuggets are the worst in the league at guarding the shooting guard position and at Beals price is an even better play then Wall tonight. Beal is a little risky due to his inconsistency but I think he is well worth it do to his ceiling tonight.

Contrarian Shooting Guard: Buddy Hield-$3600

Hield should start tonight and is going up against the 76ers. He should see a good chunk of minutes and has shown the ability to perform when he shoots well. Hield could help you pay up at other positions and will at least hit value.

Small Forward: Nobody major:

Look I don’t like any of the small forwards tonight. None of the top guys have very good matchups but there is some value. You can look at guys like Solomon Hill, Troy Williams and Robert Covington who will all give value at this spot and that is the route I would go tonight.

Power Forward: Draymond Green-$7900

Anthony Davis is way too expensive for me to play him tonight so I like Green. I expect that this game against the Jazz will be a blowout so I feel Green is going to be the only Warrior worth playing. Green doesn’t need to score to play great and Green has a decent matchup against Diaw and will at least hit value tonight.

Contrarian Power Forward: LaMarcus Aldridge-$6400

LaMarcus is a guy I really like tonight. His price has dropped significantly and I like his matchup against the Bulls and this game should be close. If Aldridge gets minutes he should give us 30-40 fantasy points and be well worth the price.

Center: Marc Gasol-$8200

Gasol is the only truly healthy star on this team. Conley has been injured almost all year and Randolph has not been the same in quite sometime. With that being said Gasol has picked up that usage. He has scored at least 40 fantasy points in the last 4 games and even had a 62-point outing. His price is getting higher but I still feel he is the best center play tonight.

Contrarian Center: Rudy Gobert/Marcin Gortat: $7300/$6300

Both of these guys have great matchups tonight and both are pretty consistent. If you are going to play one position against the Warriors it is going to be the center position. They don’t have any true big men and no one of Goberts caliber. Also keep in mind the fact that if the Jazz want any chance to win this game it is going to rest a lot on how well Gobert plays.

Gortat has been solid all year and always seems to be underowned. He should have no issue dealing with the bigs of Denver and is a guy that is extremely reliable. If you want to go after a guy who’s floor and ceiling are very good then look no further then Gortat.

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