December 5th NBA Fanduel Tournament Lineup

Welcome to my first sports post on my new blog! This is going to be a series I do every day where I give you the lineups I am playing on that night for Fanduel. Tonight I am going to give you two of my tournament lineups since I am not playing cash games tonight.


I also would like to have this series track my success(or failure) through fan duel. I am going to start with $7 dollars and track what we can grow that $7 dollars to be!


Main tournament lineup tonight:


PG: Sergio Rodriguez-$4200


Sergio will be underplayed tonight and has a chance to give you 6x or 7x value. He has a good matchup against the Nuggets who are the 4th worst against guarding opposing point guards this year( 48.4 fantasy points per game). Sergio is a guarantee to hit value and is a great play for his price.


PG: Kyle Lowry-$8400


Look in my opinion you need to play either Lowry or DeRozan tonight. One of them is going to have a great game and I like Lowry tonight. Irving isn’t known for his defense and I can see Lowry getting going early and often. Lowry is one of those guys who has a huge ceiling and will certainly give you value. He also put up 54.5 fantasy points in his last matchup with Cleveland so he is someone who is a must play if you’re not playing DeRozan.


SG: Will Barton-$5200


Anyone remember last year the stretch when Barton was almost a must play? Due to injuries and his matchup tonight I think he is once again almost a must play. This game is going to stay close and Barton is going to be asked to score a good amount. He is a guy with a super high ceiling and fits nicely in almost any lineup.


SG: Dwayne Wade:$7000

No Rondo tonight which will open up more usage for Wade. He will get us value and will be very heavily underowned tonight. Playing Wade is a great way to make your lineup a little different than the rest without taking a huge risk.


SF: LeBron James-$9400


LeBron is a must play tonight. I repeat do not fade LeBron tonight. The Cavs have dropped three straight and have a huge game against the Raptors. LeBron’s celling is through the roof and at this price I can see no reason not to play LeBron.


SF: Gordon Hayward- $7900


Hayward has been going off as of late and I don’t see the Lakers stopping that trend. Hayward fills up the stat sheet in so many ways that he will hit value no issue. I can see Hayward having another huge night and at this price it is tough for me not to play him.


PF: Taj Gibson-$5900


Rondo is out, Portland struggles to defend bigs this is a night to play Gibson. Taj has shown the ability to have big games this season and this is a perfect night for him to have another big one.


PF: Dario Saric -$4100


Saric will see minutes due to injuries to the Sixers and has shown big game potential in the past. This matchup with the Nuggets is good but at the same time he is very high risk as he can very easily put up anemic numbers.



C:Al Horford-$7500


Horford will be under owned and is my big sleeper for the night. Horford is starting to settle in with the Celtics and seems to play his best in big games. He can fill up the stat sheet for you and in his matchup with the Rockets can every easily go for 50+. Horford will give you blocks, rebounds and assists to go along with his scoring.


Fanduel Contrarian Tournament Lineup:


Im not going to go into detail for this lineup but this lineup is basically me trying to get a lot of big names that many may fade and get low priced guys that have a chance to give you a big game.


PG: Russell Westbrook

PG: Jerian Grant

SG: James Harden

SG: Nik Stauskas

SF: LeBron James

SF: Troy Williams

PF: Taj Gibson

PF: Markieff Morris

C: John Henson

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