Debunking Spike Lee’s BlackkKlansman

Spike Lee’s BlackkKlansman was full of lies here are a few key aspects of history that were left out.


The woman who was raped by Black Panthers:

4. No all-male KKK chapter
The film features an all-male Klan chapter in Colorado Springs, but in the book, the chapter includes a female member named Carol. A truck driver, Carol reveals that she joined the Klan after being sexually assaulted by members of the Black Panthers.

The Racist cop on the police force didn’t exist:

6. No stereotypical racist cop
In the movie, Master Patrolman Andy Landers (Frederick Weller) is a thorn in the side of Colorado Springs’ black community, assaulting people of color both verbally and physically. The character represents corruption and racism within the police force. Landers does not exist in the book, though Stallworth does encounter a fair share of prejudice.

No bombing attempt or beating of a black undercover cop by white cops:

8. No big action moment at the climax
Lee’s film culminates in an action sequence that results in Connie’s botched bombing attempt, her arrest, and the end of the undercover investigation. In real life, there was no bombing attempt, and the undercover operation was ended abruptly in fear of a PR nightmare for the department if anyone were to find out that local police officers were connected to the Klan, regardless of the reason.



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