D.C Pride march banned Israeli, American flag

The DC pride march banned the Israeli flag according to a queer Israeli Jew named Hen Mazzig.


As a queer Israeli Jew and the son of an Iraqi mother and North African father, I have consistently struggled with my intersecting identities. My Iraqi family tried to understand when I came out but urged me not to be outspoken in case others weren’t accepting. Meanwhile, the Tunisian side of my family made it clear that I shouldn’t bring up the subject ever again. Yet I remain proud of both my Tunisian-Berber Jewish heritage as well as my Iraqi Jewish heritage, and I will not be compelled to favor only one identity. Just as I did not choose to be gay, I did not choose my ethnicity.

But now, the organizers of a queer march held in Washington on Friday are telling me that I should be ashamed of where I was born, my nationality and that I am Jewish. In solidarity with the Palestinians and to create a safe space for them, the D.C. Dyke March banned “nationalist symbols” from countries with “oppressive tendencies,” in particular Israeli flags. This included the Star of David superimposed on a rainbow pride flag, which the organizers considered evocative of the Israeli flag, though Palestinian flags were allowed.

They also banned the American flag:

D.C. Dyke March organizer Yael Horowitz says the event forbids “nationalist symbols,” including the flags of “nations that have specific oppressive tendencies,” Forward reported, including the U.S. Stars & Stripes and anything that resembles an Israeli flag.

Here is the full story:

Many people view this as blatant anti-semitism. If this was a right-wing event this would have made headline news. Instead, the only place this is seen is on the right of center news sites. We also have the issue of the banning of the American flag. Why is it that the LGBTQ community is declaring war on the country that is allowing them to have the rights they are exercising.

I don’t want to paint the entire movement over the rules of one march but it is clear that this specific march was not only anti-America but also anti-Semitic.

The worst part about this is the fact that LGBTQ Palestinians actually flee to Israel for protection due to there persecution in Palestine.

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