“Complete Failure Through Weakness”–Trump Releases Brutal Statement Blasting Biden Over Afghanistan Disaster

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Joe Biden has proven that he is not fit to be President of the United States.

Trump just released a statement unloading on Biden for his horrendous pull out of Afghanistan.


Mike Pompeo did a great job explaining the difference between Trump’s plan and Biden’s plan: 

During an interview on Thursday, former CIA director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unleashed on President Joe Biden after his disastrous withdraw from Afghanistan which left the Taliban with U.S. weaponry and vehicles. They almost immediately regained control of the country.

Pompeo also revealed what former President Donald Trump told the Taliban about how the United States would leave the country.

The former Secretary of State blasted Biden’s withdraw from Afghanistan which ended with the re-deployment of 3,000 troops, stating it was the result of “poor planning, poor leadership and that the model of deterrence that the Trump Administration had in place as we prepared to bring the soldiers, sailors, marines, everybody who is on the ground there, home, looks like they have not been able to execute this.”

“I don’t know exactly what they are doing, but we had conditions attached to how we were thinking about this withdrawal — I was part of those negotiations,” Pompeo said. “I was also in the room when President Trump made very clear to Mullah Baradar, the senior Taliban negotiator, that if you threatened an American, if you scared an American, certainly if you hurt an American, that we would bring all American power to bear to make sure that we went to your village, to your house. We were very clear about the things we were prepared to do to protect American lives. And indeed, since we began those negotiations back in February of 2020, there wasn’t a single American killed by the Taliban. We had established a deterrence model.”

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