James Comey bashed President Trump again this time claiming that the FBI was still revered even though Trump was lying for two years.

This comes after the DOJ released a report from the Inspector General that found Comey violated FBI Policy while he ran the FBI.

DOJ admits Comey violated FBI policies, WON’T prosecute

Is the FBI revered as Comey claims?

This poll comes from The McCourtney Institute for Democracy. (Poll was taken on August 10th before IG report was released)

FBI polls.png

This Poll shows us that Comey is wrong to think Americans trust the FBI. With both Republicans and Democrats under 50%, it is clear that Americans have lost faith in the FBI.

More Poll data:


As you can see there is a group that thinks the FBI attacks Trump but that most are good agents. However, there is a group that views the entire FBI as an issue. President Trump has not echoed that same sentiment calling the “Rank & File great people”.

djt tweet

So what does all this tell us about James Comey and his tweet? The first is that yes President Trump has hurt the FBI’s reputation. There is no question that Americans have take a much harder look at the FBI since Trump took office. However, it is not through lies. The reason the FBI has lost its reputation is because they know that what took place was illegal. They know that the FBI dropped the ball and was aiding a coup of President Trump. How can any American stand up for the FBI if they care little about what the voters think?

I do not think the FBI is broken. I do not think that the rank and file FBI people are bad. I put the blame for everything to the people at the top. The bottom line is that the swamp is not in one agency or branch. The swamp is throughout the entire government.

Comey’s tweet is more lies from a man who can’t help it. He wants you to believe that Trump hurt the FBI because he was really the person who did it.

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