COMEY CASHES IN: James Comey gets $10 million dollar book deal to give dirt on Hillary and Trump

    According to the Daily Mail James Comey will receive a $10 million dollar book deal to tell his side of the story about his time with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    If the publishing world has anything to say about it,  the nation’s ex-top cop, 56,  will be a multimillionaire ten times over from the book deal major publishers are offering to pay up front for his memoir – a whopping $10 million, can reveal. 

    It’s a sum right up there with the kind of advances paid to the Clintons – although maybe not a high as the Obamas – and the kind of royalty money generated by Comey’s nemesis Donald Trump’s many books.

    This deal is coming just days after Comey testified in front of Congress in what became a nationwide spectacle.

    A top editor who has been involved in other NYT best sellers explains why this offer isn’t outrageous for the Story Comey can offer. ‘When that document hit my desk I thought, ‘I want his book.,’
    This guy can write. His story and the way he tells it is spellbinding. Ten million dollars is not an outrageous amount for his story. I ran some numbers and I could see us selling a million copies – especially if he goes way beyond what he’s stated publicly,’

    According to the Daily Mails report, a book deal isn’t the only thing Comey has coming his way.

    A prominent movie-TV agent told ‘I know one top drawer producer who’s already talking to stars to cast the Comey role. He has to be tall, good-looking and a Jimmy Stewart-John Wayne-hero type. I was mesmerized when I spent the whole day watching Comey testify.

    ‘Comey could expect a movie deal tied into the book worth many millions of dollars more, tens of millions.’

    Now, Comey isn’t able to share any “classified information” but that won’t stop him from making sure a good story comes out. Comey’s testimony was filled with theatrics. It was more of a show than a testimony and captured the media’s news cycle for weeks. He made sure that he gave his side of the story with some icing on the top to go with it. Expect the same from this book. It will likely tell a story of a man who was stuck in an unwinnable position, a man who wanted to do the right thing but couldn’t. As I have pointed out on many occasions that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I will never judge a man for taking the money that is offered to him but I hope one thing is clear from all of this. Comey is not a hero, he is not a victim. James Comey is a deep state operative that did everything in his power to retain his power. Those antics will now be rewarded with a $10 million dollar book deal.

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