CNN Poll: Trump more popular than Ryan, Pelosi

A new CNN Poll found that Donald Trump is more popular than Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi.


Views of both parties’ leaders in the House of Representatives break negative, according to the poll. About half, 49%, have an unfavorable view of Nancy Pelosi, with 30% saying they have a favorable take on the Democratic House leader, and 46% view current Speaker Paul Ryan negatively, 38% positively. Republicans are more positive toward Ryan (67% favorable) than Democrats are toward Pelosi (57% see her favorably). The Democratic Party as a whole is viewed more positively than the Republican Party: 44% have a favorable take on the Democrats, 39% on the Republicans.

The same Poll also found

Trump’s overall approval rating, however, held steady at 41%.

Although the 41% is certainly not a good it shows that Trump is still more popular than the swamp he ran against.

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