CNN Journo Interviewed ISIS-K Commander Two Weeks BEFORE Attack–Terrorist Told Them They Were Planning Attack

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Two weeks before the attack on Kabul, CNN’s Clarissa Ward interviewed an ISIS-K commander. 

The commander told CNN that they were planning an attack.

From The Washington Examiner:

A CNN reporter interviewed a senior ISIS-K commander two weeks before the deadly attack outside Kabul’s airport on Thursday.

The commander from Kunar Province, whose real identity was disguised, told journalist Clarissa Ward at a hotel in Kabul that his group was “laying low and waiting for a time to strike,” CNN reported Friday.

These were “words that turned out to be eerily prophetic,” noted Ward, who said the commander claimed he had no problem getting through checkpoints to enter Kabul and allowed her crew to film his entry into the city to prove the point.

The commander, who asked to be called Abdul Munir, talked about his group fighting U.S. forces, clashing with the Taliban, and experiencing suicide bombings and public executions.

So, CNN knew of the threat of an attack, and yet the Biden administration was unable to stop the attack?

13 US service members were killed in the attack.

Over 60 afghans were killed as well.

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