CNN Is Going To Be Fact-Checking RNC Convention Live

CNN’s Brian Stelter claimed that CNN is going to be fact-checking the RNC Convention live.

Once again CNN proves to the world that they are not a news outlet. We know that when they say Fact-Checking what they really mean is using Democrat talking points to falsely claim Republicans are lying. It is important to understand the tactics used by left-wing fact-checkers so I will lay a few of them out here.

  1. Lies by omission
  2. Out of context fact-check that misrepresents the point
  3. Using something anecdotal to disprove a larger true point
  4. Misrepresenting data or changing data to make their point seem valid
  5. Straight up lie

Let’s being with lies by omission. Fact-checkers often lie by leaving out things that would make the point more clear. A good example of this is the Charlottesville hoax. They play the clip showing that he said there were “very fine people on both sides” but they don’t show the multiple clips were he says that he is not talking about the Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists.

The second is the out of context fact checks. This is something the Mainstream Press and their “fact-checkers” do often. Sometimes a point they hate that is true is simply true. Even though they know this they have effective ways to get around the issue at hand. They will take an untrue claim and make it seem like that is the entire argument. A great example of this is with the coverage of the Border Wall. There is no question that a Border Wall is effective at the border. It not only stops many illegal aliens from entering the U.S but it also gives Border Agents more protection. There is also no question that, the Border Wall will stop dangerous drugs from coming over illegally. However, fact-checkers have ways of getting around this. They will claim that most drugs that come over the border come through points of entry. They will give data to prove this. What they miss out on is that the argument is not it will stop all drugs. It is that it will stop the drugs not coming through the points of entry. The border wall forces criminals to try and get stuff through the ports of entry which is much better than having it come from elsewhere. It is much easier to catch drugs at the port of entry then an unsecured border. Notice though fact-checkers were able to debunk a point people weren’t making to make it seem like the Border Wall doesn’t work or isn’t important.

Anecdotal evidence is also used. Sometimes overall data trends don’t support certain narratives that are spread. The only way for them to prove their narrative is to use anecdotal evidence.

Misrepresenting data is another big one. Data can be used to make any point someone wants. By putting the data in a certain way these fact-checkers are able to debunk points by simply lying.

Of course, sometimes they straight up just lie as well. These fact-checkers are nothing more than left-wing hacks.

Use this guide when dealing with fact-checkers. Ask yourself are these fact-checkers accurately portraying the point being made or are they doing there best to hide the truth.

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