CNN documentary “Why Trump Won” claims Trump had no policy only “banning Muslims or building border walls”

    A new CNN Documentary titled “Why Trump Won” showcases just how little the Mainstream Media understands about why Trump won the 2016 election.

    One quote from this documentary especially caught my eye.

    “Hillary Clinton seemed to have the right ideas. At least she had ideas, actual policies beyond banning Muslims or building border walls. She wanted to raise taxes on the wealthy, she had a plan for the opioid epidemic devastating the working class. She said she wanted to retrain workers,”

    This exact statement shows me that the left and mainstream media still have no clue why Trump won. Fareed Zaka claims Trump had no policies. I have no clue how anyone that claims to be a journalist can say that with a straight face. In fact Fareed mentioned two policies that resonated with the American people the most. It wasn’t about “banning Muslims” or just “building a wall”. It was about keeping our country safe and controlling our borders. Trump talked about immigration reform, something Americans care about. That was not something on Hillary’s agenda. In fact, Wiki Leaks showed us that Hillary dreamed of completely open borders and if elected would continue Obama’s anti-American policies.

    He then goes onto talking about “raising taxes on the wealthy”. Is Fareed claiming that because Trump didn’t want to raise taxes on the wealthy he had no policy agenda as it pertained to taxes? If so, well, that is ridiculous. Trump talked more about his economic agenda than Hillary did hers. In fact that is another reason he won. Hillary was so busy talking about identity politics she missed what the majority of Americans cared about.(Hint: it isn’t identity politics)

    This documentary shows us that the Mainstream Media and left still have no clue why they lost in 2016, and that is great news for Donald Trump.


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