Chris Murphy: ‘My bill’ ‘another sign the politics of gun violence are shifting rapidly’

    Chris Murphy has had a busy day pushing his anti-American gun control agenda.

    Here are the main points of the bipartisan bill.

    Background on the Fix NICS Act

    • Requires federal agencies and states to produce NICS implementation plans focused on uploading all information to the background check system showing that a person is prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms under current law—including measures to verify the accuracy of records.
    • Holds federal agencies accountable if they fail to upload relevant records to the background check system through public reporting and prohibiting bonus pay for political appointees.  
    • Rewards states who comply with their NICS implementation plans through federal grant preferences and incentives, while increasing accountability through public reporting for those who do not comply with their plans.
    • Reauthorizes and improves important law enforcement programs to help state governments share relevant criminal record information with NICS.
    • Creates a Domestic Abuse and Violence Prevention Initiative to ensure that states have adequate resources and incentives to share all relevant information with NICS showing that a felon or domestic abuser is excluded from purchasing firearms under current law.
    • Provides important technical assistance to federal agencies and states who are working to comply with NICS record-sharing requirements.

    Now, from what is on the website I have no major issues with the bill. Making sure guns don’t get in the hands of the wrong people is certainly an important issue. My issue is what was tweeted by Murphy later.

    This is exactly why the Democratic party is so dangerous. They have no interest in any meaningful reform they simply have interest in taking your guns. Murphy doesn’t actually believe in his own Act, he believes it is a step towards what he truly wants. Trump offered to back a bill that would strengthen the background check system in this country. Instead of celebrating Murphy decided to boast about the politics surrounding guns shifting.

    From The White House:


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